Founded in Egypt in 2012, Kaian Textiles is a full-service apparel manufacturing company that provides a wide range of services from innovative product development to logistics planning. Kaian Textiles specializes in producing apparel for children of all ages, from newborns to adolescents, with future plans to enter the adult ready-to-wear markets. Kaian Textiles is a member company of Radwan Group, a kidswear manufacturing powerhouse in Syria with a proven track record of 30 years in the industry. Kaian Textiles builds on the Group’s reputation in the Arab World and Europe. It benefits from the Group’s experience, an experience gained through dedication and hard work. As an apparel producer with world-class expertise and facilities, our goal is to become the manufacturing address for European pret-a-porter in the region. To achieve that, we have set ourselves the mission of continuous learning and improvement as well as knowledge-sharing at all stages. We aim to achieve the impossible to become a premier league player in the global apparel industry. We plan to grow to match the size of our mother company, at which time our functions will merge, doubling our export and contracting capabilities with Europe’s most famous ready-to-wear brands as well as creating new lines to enter new markets.