Kaian Textiles caters to three distinct client types:

1- European brands seeking an apparel manufacturer

We respond to global market needs and produce apparel designed to your specifications under strict quality control. Egypt has some of the best textiles in the region, and we import fabrics if our clients require foreign fabrics. We can create and deliver a large volume of garments from A-Z within minimal time. At every stage of the production cycle, we have what it takes to become the trusted apparel manufacturer for Europe’s leading apparel brands.

2- Foreign brands seeking an agent and distributor in Egypt

We are dedicating our experience and accuracy to become the exclusive agents of some of the biggest names in the apparel field. We are your liaison to the promising and massive Egyptian and Middle East markets. With its industry expertise and local knowhow, Kaian Textiles is perfectly positioned to represent you the way you want to be represented.

3- Egyptian retailers seeking to sell Kaian branded apparel

By meeting the needs of Egypt’s ready-to-wear market, Kaian is carving for itself a distinguished position in Egypt. Our production methods differentiate us: in the Egyptian apparel manufacturing field, there’s a need for European-grade production methods that deliver on-target and on-time. Kaian Textiles meets that need by providing retailers with premium quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery.

Brands Owned by Kaian Textiles

Kaian Textiles is in the process of producing several of its own branded lines of kids’ apparel, designed to be both fashionable and affordable. What distinguishes our apparel is stylish comfort. Our dedicated group of designers view each collection as a fresh canvas to explore seasonal concepts and styles. Our kidswear designs complement and nurture what matters most to you: your children. They open up a world of colors, patterns and experiences: freeing kids to play, feel, impress and discover. Kaian’s products are infused with the spirit of the times....the freedom to be, to move, to excel. Priority is given to comfortable fabrics in soft or vibrant colors. The fashion world of Kaian features the latest trends in highly wearable garments created to fit modern-day people. Every time our designers conceive a garment, they think about those who will wear them: where they’re going, what they’re doing, what would make them look their best and feel special. The coming years will witness the launch of Kaian’s branded retail stores as well as the launch of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear lines.

Brands Represented by Kaian Textiles

Pompelo ( 0-14)

Brands Produced by Kaian Textiles Under Contract

1- Mirtillo (Italy)
2- Ninetta (Italy)
3- Absorba (France)
4- Jean Bourget (France)
5- U.S Polo (Turkey)
6- Baby Joy (Greece)